Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More living lessons

Linda, have you seen my glasses???? I am sure I left them around here somewhere..oh well, I guess its old age..or not. :))

The girls helped with the planting this year. Planting is almost done now. Unless a potato falls into the ground and dies, it will never make mashed potatoes. Esther, you must release it, let it go. So what are you holding onto that you need to let go and die to? All the kids were such good helpers to their Ma this year. Linda just loves the garden, and does such a good job with it.

We have done such a poor job keeping you up to date with Victoria. As you can see, she is growing, now if only her brain were growing as well, but who knows, maybe it is, as we do serve the God of miracles. (Mind you, just having her here is a miracle of sorts). Nevertheless, we will love her all the same. She loves to cuddle, loves silk things, loves her swing (even swinging with Daddy outside), she held a cat for the first time today, and thinks she is Houdini. (Linda found her after nap the other day with only a t-shirt and diaper on. she had wiggled out of her sleeper which was still fully snapped up.) We have taken her down to Fargo twice now to have her shunt adjusted, and might have to go again soon as fluid seems to be building up again. Please pray that the little device is still working, as we all would not like another operation. It takes awhile to get used to someone who is different. Sometimes I think people are afraid to hold her as they might think they might hurt her, or don't think they will be able to, but she really isn't that hard to hold love her with us :)) Victoria is almost sleeping through the night now, for which we are all grateful. Well, everyone just got back from the dentist, so will wrap this up. Humble yourself under God, and let Him lift you up..Blessings, Bruce

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