Monday, June 28, 2010

 Hello: I hope you are all enjoying our beautiful summer. The flowers are blooming, the grass is growing, the chicks are exploding (sure am glad that children don't grow that fast), and the children are growing older, and wiser. (I hope). these pictures are really in no particular order, just a little bit of what it looks like around here these days.

My parents have been up visiting from Toronto (will have pics on that later). Went to the park to play a little soccer, inspired by the World cup I guess.

We had another birthday this month.
Happy birthday Joanna. Five is just the right number for you
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We all love the weekend, and no it is not because we don't have to go to work...its when we get to see Benjamin again. He has been enjoying his job at Digi Key in Thief River falls, and has been a blessing to the seniors he visits every week. He has begun a bible study on Thursdays at work, and had the privilege of leading a coworker to the Lord.
The Lord has officially closed the door for his job with Border Patrol...disappointing, but content in his plan for our lives.


Victoria continues to do well. Please pray for us as we look for a neurosurgeon who is lets say, on the same page as we are in terms of our view of our daughter. Ones worldview sure affects much of how we live and how we view treasures like our Victoria. Sure will be exciting to see what the future holds for us, but till then, we want to be faithful in all we do. We read that tonight in our family quiet time from Rev. 2 Faithful followers of Jesus, through calm days, and when the storms knock the lights out..faithful, till we see the beauty of Jesus, face to face, and here, well done thou good and faithful servant...that will be enough. Press on dear saint, lift up your eyes, shine for Him, enjoy Him.
I won't really comment on any more of the pics. Blessings, Bruce

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  1. Love the picture of Bruce and Victoria sitting at the feet of Jesus together (on the couch). thanks for sharing your family with us. Too bad Ben didn't get the border patrol job. We would sure like to meet more gentlemen like him when we cross the line!!!! Blessings, paul