Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Family Music festival at Lake Itasca, and our attempted trip to Toronto

The Wisseman family singing at the bluegrass festival. These pictures were taken the weekend before we were to go to Toronto.

Joanna enjoying the park

My sweet girls

The Wisseman family did a children's program at the festival

Victoria enjoying the shade. What a face

The cabin we rented for one night at Wandering Wheels in Michigan. No , we did not all fit in the cabin.  Our van blew a manifold gasket at 10:30pm, just outside of Christmas. Ho Ho Ho. What a wonderful gift. But we know that God makes no mistakes in our lives, so we were stuck at this campground without a vehicle for 2 days. By the time the van got fixed, it was late Friday night, and we decided that we were not going to keep going down the road. We were so sad to miss my Dad's 8oth birthday party, but felt that we couldn't go on as we had no idea if the van would get us there and back.  We stayed at this campground just outside of Munising MI. A beautiful area with lots to do.

Mini putt was favorite at the campground, as well as swimming in the pool.

Rachel in the that's camping.

We picked lots of blackberries where we stayed. Even got to share some with  the workers at the campground

There were so many beautiful falls, here are just a few pics.

The kids were so good, and really enjoyed themselves. Only ones missing here are Ben and Victoria

Yes, this shot is on the shores of lake Superior, just beautiful. This was taken 300' above.

Do you think they enjoyed the beach???

Caught you Linda. I think she enjoyed her self more than the children

Reuben on some of the pictured rocks

The scenery was just incredible

Thank you Father for remembering your promise

The end of a fantastic day on the beach. So our vacation did not end up as planned, but I guess we never know what is around the corner for us. I guess God wanted us to bless some of the folks we rubbed shoulders with in Michigan.  Victoria traveled okay, but she was also one of the reasons that we did not go on, as her colour in and around her eyes did not seem right. I really missed seeing my family as some of them I have not seen for over 4 years...something to look forward to I guess. One of the lessons that God is teaching me through Victoria is to trust Him when things don't turn out as we plan. Normally I get upset when things do not go as planned, but His peace was so evident in my heart this time (for those of you who have broken down in the middle of nowhere, you will know what I'm talking about.)  We have much to be thankful for. Blessing on  your day, and remember to pack peace, patience and trust on you next family vacation. Bruce


  1. Your pictures are beutiful. Makes me a little homesick for the U.P. We are so glad the Lord allowed you to have such a nice time in spite of it not going "according to plan" Peace, patience, and trust -boy do we need those and not just on vacation :)

  2. While at Northland, Arthur and I went up to the Munising Baptist Church every weekend. It IS beautiful country!

  3. Thanks for sharing the pics from your vacation - they express the beauty of God's creation in people and places. I share your desire for peace, patience and trust in God as He faithfully orders our lives. Blessings 2 U & ur whole tribe! p.