Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Birthday fun and some random fall photos

The Volley Ball game was a lot of spite of a cool day.
Reuben had his 18th Birthday recently...Thanks to all who came, ate, played and made such a fun afternoon!!

Even after the birthday celebration, there were many more games!
I do believe this day was the most the net is put away for the winter.

Someone may have said, "I love you, Grandpa!"

Winnipeg zoo this fall

Benjamin makes a great flamingo

Victoria holding her bottle!
Both hands!    

How did you get so dirty??  Pushing out a very stuck van!

We had a good amount of moisture this fall.

Another beautiful fall day!

JoAnna's artwork...her picture of dad and mom.

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  1. Wow, I'm amazed by how well Victoria can hold her bottle!!! Every little step in her development is just another testimony to the goodness and power of God!!!!! :) I love to watch the ways she's growing and changing!!

    Oh, and Ben makes a lovely flamingo. ;) Haha.