Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Here is my snow blower hard at work. Thanks boys, you do such a good job.

 Looking outside, you would think that winter has
definitely come. It came so fast, almost overnight.
 I hate to say it, but I do love winter. Not the
blizzards or extreme cold, but winter in general.
Do you ever wonder what we will have in heaven?
Whatever the weather, it will be great.
At our house, the tradition is that when it snows, and it stays, Linda and the girls make donuts.

Esther and Victoria. Children grow up so fast , don't they. Linda took some really nice pics of Victoria, so thought I would put them on here. 

She  likes playing with these toys.  She doesn't like to use her right hand much, but she has started to use it to grab or hit the toys. Every little bit encourages us. 
As the really busy season starts, I want this year to enjoy it  as a child, with wonder, joy, anticipation, freshness. I'm not talking about all the trappings, but of Christ Himself.  May each tradition that we have remind us of Him. May the lights, the tree, the gifts, the giving, the manger scenes, the programs, all remind us of our Savior. Born under the law, who became a curse, sin for us and bore it to Calvary.  He certainly is He not, of all glory, power, riches, adoration, love and devotion.  Take my life and let it be, consecrated Lord to Thee. Blessings.

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  1. Love these pictures! What expressions!! Such a cutie! I'm so excited she is playing with toys now! She's one of those little ones that really sticks in your heart.