Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Little Surprise and Shunt replacement surgery

If you wondering why it has been a few days since I have updated this is because I was occupied with other important things...or should I say, people.  Monday morning, after a nice long cuddle with Victoria, I drove 10 miles to the other side of the Minneapolis airport, to a small terminal called Signature Flight Services. 

I boarded this plane...which carries 19 7:30am, and walked in the door at our home at 9:00am!  I could not believe how quickly the flight went!  We traveled about 260 knots or around 300 mph, at an altitude of about 16,000 feet, today, though I think we travelled a bit faster on Monday.  (Matthew, that means that 1 knot is about 1.15 miles)

Just about to land at the Minneapolis airport.

The height in the airplane was probably 4 1/2 feet or so, I'm not sure exactly, but you did have to bend over a little to walk down the aisle to your seat.  As you can see, every seat is a window seat...except the front two.  This plane is used primarily for bringing in customers to see the plant and visitor center and get a feel for the company up in Warroad, and for transporting Marvin Employees when they need to travel for work.
It is, however, available for a reasonable fee, (if there is room)to others who have some connection with the company, and want to go all the way up north to Warroad. 

After nearly 4 weeks in the hospital, it was so refreshing, to be home.  We caught up on lots of hugs and cuddles, had a belated Valentine's meal, enjoyed playing some games, reading, doing schoolwork, cooking together, and a little skating...just the fun things we do together which make up everyday life.  It was a surprise for the children younger than Reuben...and a surprise that we all enjoyed! 

A meal at home...with family  (our belated Valentine's dinner)!  How enjoyable!!  Benjamin even ran down from Thief River Falls for Monday evening and was able to make it in time for supper.  It was just so refreshing to be home with family!  I did enjoy a couple of nights in a real bed, as well, and we even managed to get to a little deacon & wives supper over at my parent's place...though we didn't stay too was very nice, as well.  This morning we all got up a little early, so we had time to get in a good amount of school work, and Bible reading together, and then play a little game, before my dad came and picked me up to head to the Warroad International Airport, for my return flight. (Bruce had to work, so we had to say our good byes early this morning, after 2 days of just enjoying being together.)  My flight left at 12:00 PM, we arrived in Minneapolis about 1:20 (we had a little head wind slow us down a bit, and we had to circle around and come in from the south), and after parking near the top of the parking ramp  at the hospital (because the rest was full), I arrived back up with Victoria about 2:00 pm.  While I was gone, they had volunteers come in and cuddle with her, and there was one holding her when I came in.  Now she is resting, but I do look forward to a good cuddle this evening.

Victoria's fluid has remained bacteria free and they feel that she has been recovering well from her last surgery, so they have scheduled her Shunt replacement for 12:00 pm tomorrow, March 10th.  We would appreciate your prayers for her, as she faces this surgery.   Thank-you all for all you mean to us!  We are blessed to have so many friends and so much family upholding us during this time! 

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  1. YAY! I'm so glad you got to go home for a little while. I'm sure it was a wonderful (and very much deserved) break! Thank you for keeping us so well updated!