Monday, May 23, 2011

May Spring Post

Okay, so its been awhile. Here are some of the things that we have been up to lately.
Piano recitals. Matthew and Elizabeth doing their best

We also visited Benjamin's new apartment in Thief River Falls. 

Living Room, with his new couch and IMac

 The outside of his apartment.

And of course spring planting. We have such great helpers

We have also been working on this little guys graduation which is in a few weeks. How do they go from that to this so fast?
And of course, no blog is complete without  a picture of Victoria...seeing that today is "Victoria's" Day for all you north of the border people. She has been doing really well lately. She has relearned how to eat out of a bottle, how to eat baby food with a spoon, and has learned that mosquitoes love to bite her. 

 Well, so much more has been happening around here, but I guess that's enough for one post. Blessings on your day. P.s, for those of us that missed the "rapture" this weekend, keep living for your Lord. would you live this day if you loved Jesus with all your heart soul, mind and strength....any different?


  1. So happy to hear that Victoria is doing well. I think I know where that picture of Reuben was taken- and the cute suit- remember Melissa and the rose? Seems like so long ago but such great memories! Blessings to all- we in the north missed the rapture too!! Hugs Jean Brodie

  2. Jean, we were just commenting the other day about Reuben and Melissa. Some of the other kids had never heard that story.

  3. You have such a beautiful family! Can relate to some of the blessings and all that goes along with raising a special blessing. I have 4 girls 16, 12, and 6, but my youngest, Tracy, has Cerebral Palsy. God has blessed us in so many ways and we see miracles every day, but especially with Tracy. Recently we were going back and forth with HSLDA and the public school about what was legally allowed with homeschooling and therapy through the public school system, they called me back a couple of weeks ago and told me that they decided that they would come to our house. Praise God! I am so greatful that God has put people in our lives that want to help Tracy and work around our homeschooling! I pray for God to put you exactly where you need to be with your impending move. Victoria is a gorgeous child of God, I pray for her to stay healthy, and for God to keep showing you his hand at work in the world through this loving soul he created. If you are ever in Louisiana, please come stay with or visit us....I promise I will NOT make you sleep in the chicken coop! HaHa! Your friend in Christ, Susan Swanner

  4. WE will be traveling to MN. this November for my husband to go on his annual hunting trip with my uncle and members of my uncle's church. My girls and I will be visiting relatives and sight seeing while Brian is hunting and then when the men return from hunting, we will all celebrate Thanksgiving at my uncle's house. We pray that God keep us safe on our trip and God use this time together to strengthen our bonds to each other and bind us mind, heart, and soul to HE who is our Father in Heaven.
    Your Friend in Christ, Susan SWanner