Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shots from our Camping trip

Yes, believe it or not, we are still alive. These shots are mostly taken by Reuben during our recent camping trip. We went about 2 hrs from here, and then did  a day trip on the north shore of lake Superior. It was a wonderful time together. Could be a long time till we are all back together, as Reuben is on a plane to Taiwan as i write this.

Taken at Split rock Lighthouse. Now how did I get to be the dog?

Matthew, chillin out, or something like that.

Mom, Elizabeth and Rachel.

Split rock in the background, lots of love in the foreground.

Nice shot Reuben

Part of the highlight everyday was swimming in the lake.

Caleb and Marie at Two Harbours. It was so hot that day, I really wanted to jump in, but had no suit with me.

Reuben. As I said, he is on flight 881 on his way to Taiwan for the year to teach English...all expenses paid by the Taiwanese govt. Please be in prayer for him and for us as he comes to mind. Here is a link that shows where his plane is.

Joanna, being Joanna, twirling!!!

This little girl just loved camping, swimming and just about everything about the trip, it was really sweet to watch.

Wearing big brother's clothes. Sweet Marie

We had some really beautiful sunrises and sunsets. I think Reuben only Photoshopped one thing in this pic.

Yes, Victoria had a great time. She is doing really well of late. I guess there is only one pic that we left out of this post, and that is of a for sale sign out in front of our house. I have a job offer in Thief River that begins the end of next month, so we are asking that if God would have us go, that we would sell our place and find another place down there. Please pray with us for His will to be done. 

Gooseberry falls were absolutely beautiful. Well, as refreshing as this looks, may the presence  our Saviour be more refreshing to you today. Blessings, Bruce


  1. I think Rachel is a little taller than that twirling cutie :) My dad still mixes up our names too.


  2. Haha you beat me to it and fixed it. :)

  3. What great pictures! Looks like you all had a great time! We will definitely be praying about the job situation!