Thursday, September 15, 2011

Apples and our bike ride.

This is Elizabeth trying my hand at blogging. We have had a bountiful harvest of apples this year.We have made over 200 quarts of applesauce, 21 quarts of apple pie filling, and 10 quarts of apple juice.We are grateful to God for all of his gifts that He has given to us!

My little sweet sister Esther. She loved climbing the apple trees!

Me. We shook the trees on a tarp so that it was easy to gather apples for applesauce.

Matthew! Don't Fall!!(The ground is only a few feet down)

Matthew, Rachel,and I decided to bike to the Krahn's corn-maze.It took us one and one half hours.

Starting Off! Thank-you so much Uncle Arthur and Aunt Camille for letting us work at your corn-maze. We all love working there!

 Victoria is doing pretty well. She had some good appointments In The Cities. All the doctors were so surprised to see Victoria doing so well.We thank God for our little treasure.Even though she is a lot of work, it's nice to be taking care of a miracle!!

Sorry these pictures are out of order.This is Rachel and Matthew manning the applesauce maker.


Another good helper! JoAnna loves to help to make applesauce. In fact, our whole family enjoys applesauce making.  May God Bless you all. Keep Walking with the Lord.

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  1. Nice post, Elizabeth. We enjoy having your help at the maze as well! Love the apple photos!

    Aunty Camille