Thursday, June 21, 2012

JoAnna's 7th Birthday

I cannot believe that our little JoAnna is7!! Blowing out the candles of our pretty flower cake( Some of the decorations were tootsie rolls from VBS:)

Opening gifts..her favorite gift that she got were three chickens from Grandma and Grandpa Krahn. JoAnna loves to run and check to see if there are any eggs from the chickens!!

JoAnna likes to talk to Victoria, climb trees with her sisters, make cookies with her older sisters, play games with her older brothers, and snuggle with mom and dad.

Our prayer for you, JoAnna, is that you would honor God in all that you do...
That you would grow to be more like Jesus, and that your goal in life would be to "Know Christ and  make him Known"

We love you JoAnna!! May God grant that you would live many more birthdays for Him.

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