Monday, April 15, 2013

A Mitton has finally found his Match-part 2

The whole church was so prettily decorated.
The reception area. It was so refreshing to work along side the other ladies in the church. They were very organized.

Melissa S. did such a cute job on this nut figure of Ben and Emily!!
Rachel and Matthew stood at the Guest Book( Marie would have done this, but the place where they put the presents was too high)
Ben seated Mom, Grandma M. and Grandma K.
We were all sooo excited that Reuben could come from Taiwan for the wedding. It was a bit hectic for him though:)
Esther and Kalina did a super job!!

The radiant bride-to-be.
Saying their vows. One thing that was really impressed on me (EJM) during the whole wedding, was the seriousness of coming before God and vowing a covenant to love and cherish another person as long as you live. You have to be sure that the person that you are marrying, is the right one. Once you are married, there is NO backing out!!


Just as
two flames unite
and blend into one,
so shall our lives
unite, and blend to
ascend higher
Let this
be our destiny
to share our lives together
so that we may
with one voice
glorify God
Two lives,
two hearts...
joined together in friendship,
united forever in love.
The whole Krahn family minus, Silas and Priscilla K., and  Aaron and Esther S.

The food for the reception was delicious. It was so fun to help serve at my own brother's wedding!

Let the wheat throwing begin!!


  1. I love how you cropped and enlarged the pictures!

  2. Cute pair of Mittons! Again, such a beautiful wedding!

  3. We agree with both your statements:) All glory goes to God!