Friday, June 14, 2013

JoAnna is eight, summer randomness:)

Cut grass, smells sooo good!! It's so wonderful to walk through the grass and have it cling between your toes:)

A fushia, a gift from a neighbor.

Turk, our new puppy.

It was so fun to have an open house for Ben and Emily. Here they are being... well, Ben and Emily:)

Ok. A bit more of a normal picture!!

Mom, so glad to have another daughter! They look like they are related!

The guys played with a hacky sack during the open house.

"I can't believe I'm almost eight".

To find her bike, JoAnna had to go on a hunt for it.

Her excited face, just after she saw her bike!

A Banana bike...streamers and all.
We love you JoAnna and pray that you would honor God with your life, and strive to place him first in your life!!

Mirah J. come over on JoAnna's birthday; she said it was like holding a birthday present.

Mom and her helpers made a doll house for a JoAnna's birthday cake.
Matthew with his girls...Esther, Victoria, and Mirah J.!!

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  1. Nice pictures! Happy belated birthday, Joanna!! Eight years old, what a fun age to be and what fun you will have with your new banana bike!