Friday, October 18, 2013

Catch up post!!!!

Harvesting...The Lord hath dealt very bountifully with us(as he has every year:) Some of our favorite things that we have harvested are 1. apple sauce 2. picking blueberries 3. peach pie filling 4. carrots and 5. rhubarb jam

The Corn Maze...Our entire family has been blessed by the Krahn family, and their willingness to give time, money and energy in making the Country Corn Maze the best maze around!!


Victoria...before she got this little bout of sickness!!

Our jalapenos, green peppers and thai peppers yielded abundantly this year. So, as you can see, we strung them on strings to dry. Warning~do not cut tie peppers without will experience pain in the fingertips for some time to come~believe me, Mother discovered this the hard way!!

Hospital stay...So glad that Mom, Matthew, and Victoria are home:)

Esther...In case that you cannot notice from this picture, Esther lost her first tooth. Yay!!!

Bright Lights Confernce...Mom, Rachel, JoAnna, Marie, and Emily, took a quick trip to St. Cloud to attend the Bright Lights Confernce. They had a wonderful time...they would like to say a big thank you to all the work that the Mally family, and the Bright Lights staff put into the confernce.

Marie with one of her small group leaders.

JoAnna with one of her small group leaders.

Rachel, and Lauri K. Rachel was thrilled to be a small groups leader!!  She would totally love to do this again in the future:)

Marie and Grace M. The Skits, Music Classes, and Snacks were wonderful!! Learned about honoring parents, about being strong in the Lord in their youth, and the importance of God's Word.
 Matthew, Caleb, and I( Elizabeth) went to a conference in Illinois;called Ignite Truth. We could talk your ear off(at least I could) about the things that we learned on our trip. Some of the main stuff that the Lord taught us are 1) We all are living a story: Are we letting Jesus write our story, or are we trying to dictate to Jesus what to say!! 2) We are still living in Bible times; Revelation is yet to be told!! 3) Is our testimony of Jesus strong enough so that an unbeliever would act on what we say: as in the story of Naaman and the Israelite maid. 4) Prayer really does work. We were able to hear some awesome stories of answered prayer...God is so good!!
The youth hunt hunters...Yes I'm too old too hunt for the youth hunt, I was the privileged person who got to go and sit with Caleb!! It actually was fun:) the only thing that got cold were our fingers!! We are praying that the boys will be able to kill a deer tomorrow. Already tried today, but didn't get anything!! Happy Hunting...Don't forget to thank God for whatever you get!!

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