Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Tribute to My darling Daughter.

    This was the tribute I wrote and read at Victoria's funeral. Only His grace allowed me to do it. We are overwhelmed with gratitude that we do not walk this road alone. For His glory alone, Bruce.

 Welcome To My World

A Tribute to Victoria Faith’s Life

Hi, my name is Victoria Faith, and I would like to tell you a little about what my world was like. My name was going to be Ruth, but once my momma and poppa found out how special I was, they changed it cause they were going to need lots of faith in order to live a victorious life.
My sister used to say that mommy goes to the hospital and a baby ‘ pops” out. Well, that’s how I was welcomed into this world. Mommy had to have a … g section, no cheap section, no, c section on account of my head being so big. There were lots of people wearing masks on when I came into this world, just standing over me and staring. I guess I wasn’t breathing. Then I saw my daddy for the 1st time. After a nurse stuck something up my nose and down my throat daddy said, look, she’s breathing. Well, they wrapped me up in a warm blankie and daddy took me over to my mommy. She was so happy to se me…she cried.
They left me in that blankie for 3 hrs cause I wasn’t supposed to live. A kind nurse finally decided that I needed to be cleaned up, and fed, boy was I hungry. Someone came in and took lots of pictures, I guess they knew how special I was.
Now my world is a little different then others. It had big words like: alobar holoprocencephaly, hydrocephaly, brain malformation, 3rd ventricle, macro cephalic, and another word called death. But I figured I just got here, and I didn’t want to leave yet. Finally I got to meet my grandpa and grandma and my borthers and sisters…boy, where did they all come from, all 9 of them. Thanks Mr Nick for bringing them that day. There was another word in my world that I was just learning about, and that was a word called love. Eveybody loved me so much. They didn’t care that I looked funny. Daddy said he had a hard time loving me at first, but that he had a wrestling match with God, and that God knocked him down with His love and filled his heart with love for me…I’m glad.  You see, he didn’t know how much of a blessing I would be. Please, whenever God sends you a blessing that doesn’t look like a blessing, just trust him and love us kids like that. You will never be sorry you did. I got carried around on a pillow at first, kinda like a princess.
Finally I got to go to a place called home, and got to ride in a car…that was fun. When we got there, mommy had to sleep in a chair for a month cause she was “recovering” whatever that means. Daddy and everyone else got up during the night to feed me cause I would get hungry. My world also had hospice, with a nice nurse called Shawnee, we all loved her, but after a while she didn’t come anymore…must of been something I did…like live.
Now my head kept getting bigger and hurting, so my world now had to include neurologists, neurosurgeons, and a cool thing called a shunt, that drained stuff out of my head to my tummy. It also included surgery, picu and Ronald McDonald homes (for pappa) . Whew…that felt better.
At home, I got held so much and that summer I got to go camping..why did God make mosquitos? They hurt. But I really liked campfires and hiking and seeing water falls in the woods.
After a while, I got to hold my own bottle and feed myself, and even learned how to roll over. I don’t know why everyone thought that was so great .
If only things could have gone on like this…but I got something called “affection” in my brain fluid. I got really sick and they took me to a big building called Gillette, in St Paul. Now my world had nurses, bells, needles, medicine, shunt revisions, tubes and buttons…mickey button. But my momma and pappa, they never left me. Momma slept by my side for 5 weeks while I was there….I was glad she did. More words like syringes, extensions, venting, complete formulas were added to my world. But hey, now I could eat and sleep at the same time…how cool is that. One time when I was sick, mamma actually put super tonic down my tube into my stomach…don’t know why they call it super, that’s for sure.
My world never included walking or talking. But who needs to walk when someone always carried you, and who needs to talk when love can be spoken without words. I loved cuddling, cause there were lots of people who needed to be cuddled. I would always look up when in someones arms, just to remind them to keep looking up to Jesus for help. Daddy and mommy say that my life was a great picture of how a christian should be. I couldn’t do anything by myself, and Jesus said, “apart from me you can do nothing.:” I am glad I could help people learn that lesson. Hope they don’t forget.
We went on lots of trips together, and one time our van broke down in a place called Christmas. Sorry grandpa Mitton we sure would have liked to have seen you celebrate turning 80. Is that a big #? We liked it so much there, we went back to camp there with uncle Steve and ant Kim (that’s how they say it in Canada.)
My world also included church,singing and kissing and even a wedding for my big brother….now he likes kissing too. Now in my world, I got sick again. Mommy said I stayed in those big building for almost 2 whole months while I lived here. Now I need more medicine for gastro something and acid reflux. I felt bad throwing up so much, but someone always cleaned me up and made me smell sweet and pretty. They must really love me. At night after work daddy would always sneak into my room to make sure I was alright…I miss that.
 Then my world started changing. I was getting real tired. I couldn’t keep my mouth closed and my arms stopped doing things, and I forgot how to swallow. Mommy was worried.
And then one day I heard a voice, one I had never heard before, but one that sounded familiar.  He said, ‘let the little children come unto me.“ Come unto me all ye that are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest. The voice said. Victoria, your job on earth is done. Let me show you my world. So sweet Jesus took me out of my sister Rachel’s arms into his world. I would love to tell you about my new world. Its wonderful. If you don’t know how to get here, listen to my grandpa, he will tell you.
And one more thing, if you ever have a child like me, please bless them, and love them and take care of them, cause we really are blessings from God. I love you all and look forward to seeing you in my new world. Ps, Micah John says hi.


  1. What a very beautiful post!!! Made my cry when I read it!!! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and journey!!! May the peace of God be real in your lives as you continue daily in your lives serving Him. We love you and are praying for you!!!

  2. great blog Bruce..and yes, Victoria, Micah & Grace Angelique are all together in heaven!!

  3. We are so sorry for such a loss in your lives right now. Thank you for being such a refreshing family that is committed to God's perfect ways, though.

  4. We were so blessed at the funeral yesterday. The balloon lift-off and other little touches were such good ways to celebrate little Victoria's short life here on earth. Bruce, you did such a good job sharing about Victoria's life and we enjoyed your family song. We know you all will miss her and will continue to pray for you all in the days ahead. We love you and appreciate the good example you are of God's love for us all. Thanks, Reuben, for sharing your heart as well.

  5. Beautiful! Thank you SO much for sharing this with us. We are just one family among many who are weeping with you, rejoicing for Victoria Faith, and praying for you.
    Much Love,
    The Forster Family

  6. A beautiful tribute for a very special angel who was blessed with an amazing family. You have all touched my heart. May God surround you with strength and comfort during this difficult time.
    Dr. Nancy J. Clegg
    Director of the Carter Centers

  7. It was a beautiful service for a beautiful little girl. We loved what you read, thank you so much for posting it Uncle Bruce. Gideon loved the balloons. :) We love you guys!