Sunday, February 9, 2014

New Family Picture

Thanks Emily for all the work you did on this picture of us. I think  this was taken Christmas morning. We have been doing well and are so glad for a warm cozy (okay Ben and Em, I realize you freeze when you come and visit, but thanks for not complaining one bit...") house this cold winter.Our pastor said this morning that this winter only ranks as the 60th coldest winter on record for Minn. Wow, if we ever get to # 25, I think  we will go and live with my sister in S.C.
Had such a nice visit with Ben and his wonderful wife...thanks for coming.  Linda and I are planning on visiting Toronto next weekend, so would appreciate your prayers for us as we travel and visit with family, and for those that are staying to keep the wood on the fire.
I learned so much as I prepared for today's message about Jonah 4:2.  Five qualities of God's character that we need in our lives. I just feel so blessed that God has shown us so much grace, mercy, and great kindness. We certainly do not deserve it . Now to apply this in my life that I would treat people with the same character. That I would be gracious, merciful, slow to anger and of great kindness.  His mercies were certainly new this morning.
 Tomorrow Victoria would have been 4 years old. We plan on celebrating, even though she isn't here. I have struggled off and on with...I would not say depression, but certainly discouragement since she has gone to heaven. It doesn't come everyday, but on some days. I am sure they say that is normal, but Jesus is enough, and more than enough as He walks with us, and I am sure carries us.
Winter Olympics...striving for rewards that will perish. Let us run the race set before us for rewards that will never fade a way. Let us lay aside that sin that so easily ensnares us (we all have them, and mine probobly isn't yours). Let us look to Jesus today. Be watchful, be in prayer, for truly Jesus is coming soon.
If you are reading this, and you have prayed for us as a family....thank you so very much, we are blessed. May your week bring glory to God. He loves you so very much.


  1. Love the new header! We are still praying for you all, Bruce, and I hope tomorrow is not only a day of remembering sweet little Victoria but a special and good day for you all as well! We've enjoyed all the messages on Jonah too!

  2. Thinking of you all today. May God's love surround you and fill you with peace. What a wonderful way for Victoria to spend her birthday, at the feet of Jesus. Cherish all those wonderful memories. Will be praying for you while you travel. If we can help let us know. Caravetta family

  3. Like the new picture a lot! We had a young adults get-together this afternoon and studied Jonah too :)