Friday, August 5, 2016

Our Trip Part 2- to the Zoo!

Sisters!! While we were in SD we went to the Zoo with The Hanson's, Em And Cedric! It was really fun!   God is so creative!  We loved getting to see many of the unique animals He created.
 Caleb really enjoyed having Josh along!  They are great buddies:)
 Ellie and Dad!
Cedric really enjoyed all the animals. He was saying 'wow' at everything he saw:)
A bunch of us going for a ride on the lions back! (I don't think Esther likes being squashed between Abby and I :)

Abby and I wore the same skirt! We were Bobbsey twins for the day! {Well, the skirts are close to the same}

There must be something interesting over there!

Caleb and Josh!

Yep...I was standing right there when the fight happened!  {in case you can't tell...these are some of the stuffed animals...:) }

So we had a fun day at the Zoo! Check back soon to see pic's from Hannah+Sean's house and Reuben's grad!!

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