Wednesday, October 29, 2008

First duck hunting trip

Uncle Arthur took Matthew out duck hunting this morning. Matthew normally doesn't like getting up before 7 o clock, but this morning he was VERY awake. Ben drove Matthew out to meet Arthur, Ronnie and Jeshua, and the boat was in the water by around 6:55. There was some ice on swift ditch, and until they got out of the channel, the boat made a delightful crashing noise as it easily cut through the thin layer of frozen water. After rowing out about 200 yds, Arthur put out 11 decoys and then pulled the boat back into the weeds. Two 20 gauge shot guns were shared by Ronnie, Jeshua and Matthew, while Arthur and Ben each had a gun to back them up. There wasn't a whole lot of action, but Matthew and Jeshua each shot a small duck that landed among the decoys. The duck's bodies were smaller than a grouse, and Arthur wasn't sure what the duck's name was. Ben had Matthew clean the bird, and he did a pretty good job for the first time. Thanks, Uncle Arthur, for a great morning!!!

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