Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Mitton family doll

Esther is growing up so fast! In the last 2 months she has started walking and saying words. Being a good Mitton, her first word after dad and mom was book!! Just a few days ago she started learning our names. After learning Rachel's and Elizabeth's names, we taught her her own name. Now she goes around the house patting her tummy and saying "Esto." Children are such a blessing!!! We have things so backwards in this country. We use birth control at the best and abortion at the worst to stop God from sending us His blessings, while at the same time actively seeking what God, in Deut. 8:12 and 44, labels as a curse: debt. The worst of it is that it is not only the unsaved but also the saved that are rejecting God's plan for how a family should operate... OK I should get off my soap box before I go any further and get in any more trouble!! LOL. Whatever you think about what I just said, you have to agree with me when I say Esther's a DOLL!!!!!

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