Saturday, November 8, 2008

First snow!!!!!

The finished product!

Mom making donuts.

Our first snow!!!

Our first snow is sitting on the ground outside!!! We would never trade having 4 seasons! All of us love skating, sledding, snow forts, and.... homemade donuts!!!! A Mitton family tradition for 3 years now has been making donuts on the first day there is snow that stays. Mom's donuts are the best!!!! There is nothing like sitting down with a warm donut, hot chocolate, and, of course, a book! ...unless its licking the donut glaze!!!! LOL.


  1. Your donuts look DELICIOUS!!!!! And guess what; we have the same pizza pans!! :) Love you all!!

  2. We have a tradition too. We don't drink hot chocolate from the last snow until the first. So we had hot chocolate the other day:) The doughnuts look good too!