Sunday, April 4, 2010

Home At Last

Hi Everybody. I'm sure you must have thought that I have forgotten all about you, but I haven't. Its just , well I had a really busy week.  Last Monday the warden...I mean the nice doctor signed my release papers and said I could go home. Yeah, I missed home alot, especially my brothers and sisters who just love to kiss me. My head is feeling alot better now. It used to measure 68cm, now its about 53cm. They were really nice to me at the hospital, but home is where I like to be. I've sent you a few pictures of me in the hospital. On some of them I'm not wearing a hat, so my head looks kinda big...I'll have to ask God why he put me together like that someday. Don't I look peaceful?

Here I am with my pa. Notice it says, welcome to Victoria's (that's me) room. They gave me my own room, though I let mommy sleep with me ...I guess she didn't have anywhere else to sleep (but you know what, I kinda liked having her there)

This was the hallway just outside my room. If you go through there and to the left, that is where I stayed. Pretty cool eh (my daddy says I'm part Canadian, so that's why I talk like that)

You must think that all I do is sleep...Nope, I also like to eat...actually, I love to eat.  Ma's milk is the best!
 The nurses said that she had so much stored up in the fridge that maybe they should make cheese out of it. We thought we would call our new business "Lindo Lakes".  (This photo was taken before surgery)

Notice the scar
on the back of my head?
That's where they put the shunt hurts sometimes, 
but I'm getting used to it.

Here I am all wired up. The one tells them how fast I'm breathing, the other if I'm getting enough oxygen (whatever that is) and the other one tells if my heart is beating right. But it must not work right cause these alarms and lights kept going off, hope they get it fixed for the next person. Mommy put me in a heart cause she loves me so much.

Now, here was the best surprise of all. Daddy got a new car , and this is what we rode in to get home. ...okay, so maybe it didn't look exactly like that  :))), but he did get a new car. The reason is that my big brother Ben bought his other one so he could have something to drive to work in . Ben went away today to start his new job tomorrow at Digi Key in Thief river..sob sob, I'll miss him, but he will come home every weekend, so I'm happy about that.

Today we celebrated Easter, the resurrection  of Jesus. I sure can't wait to meet Him someday. I hope you all love Him and thanked Him today for all that He did and keeps on doing. Someday, we will see Him come through the clouds, just like He said He would, but until then, live for Jesus every day, cause today is a gift from Him. Blessings, Bruce.

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  1. Hi Bruce & Linda. Thanks for the contact. We have been following the special life of Victoria and praying for God's grace with the many challenges facing you. Life is a blessing from God. Hope to see you some day and catch up on your faith journey. Blessings, P&D