Friday, January 28, 2011

Quick Update on Victoria

We headed down to the clinic yesterday.  The doctor there looked at the info from our visit the day before, and thought maybe they should check for influenza and RSV.  As Victoria was not doing well getting fluid with the eye dropper, she also thought it might be a good idea to put her on an IV for hydration as well as for some extra antibiotics. They did the tests, which came back negative, did a nebulizer treatment, and were not able to get in an IV.

We headed home, knowing that if Victoria did not begin to take in more fluid, she would be in trouble.  Gillette Children's Hospital, where we have been with Victoria was an option, but it is 7 hours away...and a hard trip in the winter for little Victoria.

We were still trying to decide about the long trip when we got home from the hospital.  I sat down and took Victoria in my arms.  I was going to give her some more fluid with a dropper, when Bruce suggested that I try with a bottle again.  I didn't know how she would do...she was getting so weak, but decided to try.  I had to force it between her gums...and there it sat.  A little dripped in her mouth and then a little dripped out.  Then it seemed like she swallowed.  I kept watching and she sucked a bit.  I kept watching for her to swallow...and all of the sudden, she did.  Reuben was standing there and I asked him to watch with me.  Pretty soon it was obvious she was actually swallowing.  Somehow, my eyes leaked...I was so thankful.   It was like it turned around right there.  Bruce had been praying specifically that she would turn the corner in her eating, and his prayer was answered in front of our eyes.  She has been doing much better...more wet diapers, the way she looks today compared to yesterday is a big change.   She is still weak of course, and is eating slowly, but she is eating.  Sometimes more slowly and sometimes a little more or less.  But I am keeping track, and we are feeding her frequently.  Sometimes it takes her 45 min to get 1 oz...sometimes she will get 2 1/2 oz in an hour.  After she eats and I check her temp,   she is having an hour or and hour and a half rest, then we begin again.  She is getting her antibiotics and we have been using fever meds, as well.  Her fever has stayed under 100 F for over 24 hours now...most of that time it has been normal...but it does creep up a bit now and then.   Her breathing mostly is not labored.  Her pulse has come down and her breathing has also slowed down.  I would not say that she is 'out of the woods' at this point, but we are so thankful to see the encouraging change in her.

We are so thankful for your prayers!  May God's blessing be on you all today!


  1. We've been praying for her. Mostly we feel sorry for such a sweet little girl having problems but we know that this is just another chapter in her life that God is in control of. Have you considered keeping a detailed journal of her life? Thankfully she has such wonderful parents!

  2. We'll be praying for you all, that things will continue to progress in the right direction! We love you guys!

    Rebekah for all.

  3. Praise God for some improvement!!!! We will continue to keep Victoria and you all in our prayers!!

  4. We've been praying for you all! We will continue to be praying for you and little Victoria. We are praising the Lord for the little improvement!
    Shelly McCanne for the McCanne Clan