Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!

Happy 24th anniversary Mom and Dad!!
Since our camera is not working I can't post a recent picture of Dad and Mom.So instead of pictures here are 24 reasons that I am thankful for Mom and Dad.
1.That they are Christians.
2.That they have stayed together all these years.
3.That  they love  the Bible.
4.That they are pro-life:) 
5. That they bring us to a Bible-believing church.
6.That they home-school us.
7.That they have a sense of humor.
8.That they have instilled in us a love of Scripture.
9.That they teach us to honor others.
10.That they teach us to respect government.
11.That they have believed in dressing us modestly.
12.That they have protected us from bad videos.
13.That they have a BIG garden.
14.That they have taught us to love books.
15.That they teach us about Creation.
16.That they have good standards about music.
17.That they enjoy playing games with us.
18.That they discipline us when we need it.
19.That they believe in having personal bible reading.
20.That they humbly ask us forgiveness when they need to.
21.That they have brought us on so many fun vacations.
22.That they have always had time for us.
23.That they teach us about our heritage.
24.That they love each other so much:):)
I love you so much Mom and Dad. May God continue to give you joy in your marriage.  Thanks for the great example that you are.Here is an old picture of Mom and Dad when they were in Banff.


  1. Thanks Elizabeth for those kind thoughts...if we have done anything right, its just because of His grace. I am blessed. Dad