Friday, January 6, 2012

December in Review.

 Just a smattering of what we have been up to lately.

We take the seniors center service all the month of December.
Bringing bright sunshine to the elderly.
More sunshine.

Our piano players.

Jesus, the reason why we serve and love.

Caleb celebrated his 11th birthday this December. We sure love him.

Then of course there is all the Christmas baking. We sure had fun this year sharing with some of our neighbors.

We even  got a little snow this year. Though most of it is gone now.

Victoria has been doing pretty good lately. She grabbed her own feeding tube here and it looks like she wants to feed herself. Here teeth are still bothering her, but slowly they are coming. We enjoyed a second Christmas with her.
Wearing a gift from Grandma Mitton
And of course the Christmas play on Dec. 24th is always a favorite.

Christmas morning. Wearing her new pj's with her new dollie. I wish she was more expressive. :)

Christmas dresses that mamma made. How come we boys don't get anything like that?
Ahha...we did get something. The Mitton boys doing the "Christmas can can"

I could get nothing for Christmas, but would still be happy with this cute little "package"

After bath time, and wearing more presents.
After the 25th, the S.D gang came up. Some of us visited the shed...what a fun place.

Enjoying a game at the Grandparents place. Someone said this year that we are getting to the point where grandpa will have to build a 3 stall garage to accommodate  everybody.

Daniel "boone" and his white elephant gift. Too bad you didn't get to keep it. Such fun.

The rink is opened, and so we have been enjoying some skating.

New years eve this year we celebrated at home with some good.

I end this post with our little dollie. What are you focused on? This year, may it be Christ and His kingdom. We received power to be His witnesses...may it be so in word, and by the way we live all year round.  For each one that reads this, I pray that this will be an extraordinary year for you, being filled with the very fullness of God,and delighting  in Him. If you have never received him as Lord and Saviour, drop us a line and we would be glad to tell you how.
Reuben, we sure missed you this year, and hoped you enjoyed seeing some of what we have been up to. Blessings on y'all. Bruce


  1. It was great to see a few pictures of what has been going on for all of you! It makes me miss my Minnesota White Christmas!!!!

  2. It was so fun to see you all again!! And I seriously laughed out loud when I saw the picture of you guys doing the can can!! =D You all are so awesome!!!! :)

  3. I must agree with you, Rachel, that was a pretty funny picture of the Mitton men!!!!