Friday, January 13, 2012

Linda's Latest Creations

Um, something interesting for lunch? Nope, just the latest of Linda's projects.

I don't think boiled sweater would taste good anyways. I think she was making sure it was shrunk.

After cooking it, she hung it up to dry and shrink. From there, it will end up looking something like this....

Beautiful wool mittens, lined with fleece. Sold in stores for over 25.00. Made in just about 1 hour. Old sweater gotten at second hand store for .50 cents. Or, Sportsmans guide is selling 4 wool blankets for 31.00. Either way, these are nice mittens. I love my Mitton :))

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  1. Great job! And no I do not think that boiled sweater would tase good:-) They look very warm..perfect for most normal Minnesota winters!!!

  2. Wow!! That's're a very talented Auntie. :)