Wednesday, February 1, 2012


The entire crew. Front row,from left to right, Jeshua C,Matthew M,Ronnie C. Second row; Caleb M, Ellen C,
Isaac K. last row; Linda M, Elizabeth M, Rachel M, and Priscilla K

Jeshua. There was a wonderful view from the top of Buena Vista.
The weather was very, very delightful.

The Lodge.

From left to right; Caleb, Isaac, and Ronnie.
This is the middle and largest lift at Buena Vista

Caleb, Jeshua, and Ronnie were all new skiers. They did very well.  Here Jeshua, Matthew and Caleb (hiding behind the mask) are ready for another fun run!

My sister Rachel. As you can see by the look on her face she (all of us really) was having a great time:)

Priscilla and Rachel after getting of the smaller lift...ready to head the blinding snow...which didn't last too long.

Ronnie and Elizabeth coming up the ski lift. We are so glad that our cousins and aunt were able to join us for a day of fun and exercise.

 Elizabeth did fine on the slopes...but here she is just taking a quick break.  The weather was first it snowed heavily...but it cleared up and was such a nice day, we really didn't want to stop.

My wonderful mom. Thank-you Mom for taking us to Buena Vista.
Thank-you very much Daddy for staying home with the little girls..we wished you could have come with us.

Our Cousin Isaac hit into a deer.(we are glad you are o.k.) Isaac gave us the meat from the deer.
Here Caleb is cutting meat of the bones..notice his lovely apron:)

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  1. Looks like y'all had a blast!!!!! wish I could've been there!!!!