Tuesday, December 30, 2014


As many of you can see, I have added some ads to our blogs. I thought I would try this for a while. The thought behind it is that I allow ads on my blog, and if anyone clicks on them from my blog, we earn a little bit of money for the advertising. I don't control which ads come on, not too thrilled about that, but I was able to go through and try and filter out some that I thought I wouldn't like to have on here. Please don't think that I support all the ads that show up here,  and don't worry, if I find that they keep putting ones that are offensive, I will quit.
So, if you find something on here that you might be interested in, please click on it. (No, not quitting my day job.)

Speaking of advertising....I wonder, as you look back over the year if we have done a good job representing Jesus? We are after all His ambassadors, and it is as if God were pleading with others, through our words and actions, that they need to be reconciled to God. Thankfully, God can take our broken lives and make them into something beautiful....I just love His wonderful grace . So, in the coming year, don't cry over spilt milk...ie how we did last year, but let us leap into the new year with a desire to glorify God and His holy name , to love people, and to be sowing the seed of the gospel....for this may be the last year that God gives us to do just that.

I thank God for each of you that visit our blog and that have prayed for us, loved us, encouraged us in this last year. It certainly has been a year of change and challenge and comfort from God and others. Blessings on your new year....Bruce

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