Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy and Godly New Year

"Great is Thy Faithfulness".  This year, as always, our Great God has remained faithful in His dealings with us. The year has come and gone, and I am just now sitting down to write, Merry Christmas, and a very happy and Godly new year.
As you can see, the addition of our little grandson Cedric Paul , born on Oct. 20th, was the big event of the year. So wonderful being called "grandpa" for the first time, and not just because I am getting old. Ben and Emily still live about 2 hrs away, so its nice to be able to see them every month. Please pray for them as they live out the faith in that area.
Reuben decided to go down to Sioux Falls S.D to work in construction this year. He actually went down to apply for a firefighting position down there, but of the 400 or so applicants,  20 were chosen, and he was not one of them. He has been busy roofing, hanging gutter, and finishing up his EMT courses, which he has done and has passed his national test successfully.  Please be in prayer for him as he seeks God's direction for his life, and that he would grow in his walk with God.
Elizabeth has been a nanny this year to two little ones, so 5 days a week finds her playing with, entertaining, working with and teaching them.
Rachel could have graduated this year, but decided that there were still some courses that she wanted to acquire, so she is still a regular at "Northern Pines Academy". She is one of the most disciplined people I know. This year, her and her sister plan on starting a discipleship group for young ladies called Bright Lights. A highlight for her was to go down to Florida for what is called "The National Bible Bee". A scripture memory competition.  Matthew (the bodyguard) and Mother travelled down with her. Needless to say, they had a great time, and even found time to swim in the ocean...for the first time.
A highlight for Matt this year was to get his permit...and to get to be taller than Dad. The other kids keep us least at heart anyways. Our cup runs over.
Another highlight for our family was to travel to Toronto to join in the celebration for Bruce's was her 80th birthday. We had such a good time, and even manged to get there this time. After that, we headed back to Vankleek Hill, to where we used to live. It was so nice to connect with old friends from the Baptist church that we had pastored there. Such good memories. Another highlight was moving on to Ottawa to visit with Brian and Kim and family.  The trip to the parliment buildings was so educational, but even better was visiting with family.
This year, you would still find Bruce working at Marvin, helping to create windows, but he received a new postition, that of CNC programmer. It means he is back on day shift, working 5 days a week. So much to learn, but am enjoying it. He still fills in preaching and teaching, and still desires someday to do that fulltime again.
Linda, well, what can you say about my partner for these past 27 years.  A wonderful teacher, housewife, friend, gardner, seamstress , cook, and so much more. I think she loves being a grandma, and really enjoyed it when she went to "nurse" Emily and help look after Cedric. She finds time to volunteer as an election judge, at the second hand store, for the local cemetery, organizing a once year outing to Gilletes children's hospital to help serve at the Ronald McDonald honor of Victoria, and this year we took on helping with a thanksgiving banquet for 100 plus people.
Its been a good year, but filled with tears and sorrow as well. If you can believe it, the house seemed quiet and empty after Victoria left us for heaven. It took a while to adjust, and so many things remind us of her.
As we enter the new year,  I am reminded of what Jesus said to "watch and Pray". Watch, because we don't know when our master will return. Watch how you live and what you love. Watch, for Satan as a roaring lion lurks about seeking whom he may devour. Pray, for yourself, your children (oh how strong is the appeal of this world), for your church, and for those perishing without a Saviour. Pray, because you are so in love with Jesus, that you love spending time with Him. Pray, that in our weakness, we would be made strong, so that the glory and love of Jesus would shine through your family, and our family.

                                       Blessings on your year, Bruce, Linda and family.

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