Thursday, March 26, 2009

My loose translation of that is that the heavens scream, shout, shine forth, cry out that there is a God who exists and has created all this. May we live for His glory and shine forth for Him.

The kids and I found this picture yesterday as we were studying about telescopes. This was taken with the Hubble. Is that awesome or what. We now have this as our desktop background. Why do we ever worry about our troubles, when we serve and know this Great God who keeps all this universe in the palm of His hands.
As trouble continues to come to our nation (as it surely seems to be) may we find daily His rest that we need.
Our weekend was going to be spent at the Hansons, but due to roads being closed, and sickness, that has been postponed. Sorry Hansons, maybe in a couple of weeks .
Now, lets go out and declare His glory.

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  1. We'll miss seeing you this weekend, but you had some pretty understandable reasons!! :) Hopefully we'll see you all soon...