Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Minnesota Winter Fun 2009

Buena Vista


Well, the inevitable has finally occured...you all knew that mom would need a turn blogging, and it has finally come. We have had a rather cold and snowy winter, as the photos show. At the same time, being a true northerner, I have to say, I do enjoy the winter weather.
The sky is never as bright and blue as when it is well below zero, the snow is squeaking under each step, and to take a breath is an experience hard to describe. Does anyone else out there feel 20 years younger when you breathe in the frosty air??? Ok...there are limits to that, but there is something about the cool air up north. I have no idea how many miles have been skated this year, but many times each week, some of the kids head out to the rink for some hockey. On Mondays, they are joined by a whole crew, and have a lot of fun. Bruce gets out once in awhile, too...and me, well, I have only made it out once so far this year...but loved it...somehow other things are usually priorities for me. The rink is only 1/2 mile away, so walk or drive, it is not hard to get to. It is an uninsulated shed, but it does have a warming room. We do need to do a little work on it though. Benjamin got a gash on his arm while skating yesterday that required 21 stitches. We did not post a photo, as we did not want to make Hannah faint, but if you want to see it...just ask and I'll send it to you...it is worthy of an EMT manual. He got caught on a wire that was sticking out from some mesh on the edge of the rink. It was strong enough to throw him down on his back. We are thankful that the gash was mostly between the muscles in his upper arm, and the doctor who stitched him up thinks it will heal just fine. We are also grateful that he did not sever any veins or arteries...there was very little blood. God is so very gracious.

We have had many days of beautiful snow...where the snow gently falls in huge flakes and piles up on the trees, shrubs, porch...or you, if you happen to be out in it. It has made our little sledding hill which leads down to the creek into a great little run...and the deepness of the snow makes a good track...so that you miss the trees at the bottom. Marie and JoAnna have really enjoyed our little sledding hill this year. We also were able to do a little sledding out at Bemis with the Krahns. It was a gorgeous day to be out, and the hill was alot of fun...as long as you avoided the center bumps. I did get a bruise or two...but it was worth the fresh air and fun.
I took JoAnna half way down the hill and took her down from there with me. She loved it. Her favorite time down, though was when I took her in a PURPLE sled. Purple is her favorite color!
I think Benjamin and Elizabeth must have gotten the record for going down the hill the most times. Now for the bigger hill: Bruce, Benjamin, Reuben, Elizabeth and I (along with Josh Bailey), went skiing at Buena Vista, which is near Bemidji. Most of the day was sunny and beautiful for skiing. Benjamin had not been skiing since he was 5. He was a little akward for the first 10 minutes, or so, but he soon left me in the dust. Reuben tried snowboarding. He had tried it a couple of times at Bemis Hill and decided to give it a try at a ski hill. He didn't take long to get comfortable at Buena Vista, and was soon barreling down the hill. What a great way to get exercise! Elizabeth had been skiing once before, and is a little more cautious than her brothers...but still had a great time. Oh and Bruce...well he looks like a pro to me...and he was great company on the lift. I just shut my eyes and pretended we were at Banff...but then I opened them...and although the view was really pretty, it wasn't Banff. I was so glad Bruce was able to get the day off and come with us...it just wouldn't have been the same without him. The children who did not accompany us, had a great day on the farm, and the play by play when we got home was great fun! (JoAnna tells me that milk comes from a cow! Marie was thrilled to have seen a very small calf.) Thanks Uncle Arthur, Aunt Camille, Naomi, Isaac, Miriam, Hosanna, Silas and Priscilla!

We have been reading through the Psalms lately, and I have been amazed how many references there are to creation in the Psalms. Have you ever noticed? It is not limited to Psalm 19. Next time I read through, I plan to make a list of these references. One other beautiful thing about cool Minnesota winters are the beautiful starry nights, with the Big Dipper tipping backwards and the milky way plainly seen. I can't help remembering how awesome our creative God is...how powerful, and yet he cares for us. Looking up into the starry night sky, also reminds me of the fact that He is in control...Our God not only names the stars, but keeps them where they belong...he knows each one. Problems of this earth seem to fade when I remember the awesome greatness of the One who is in control.


  1. Ben sent me a picture of his arm and a description of the injury...it grossed DANIEL out, so I'm sure Hannah is thankful you didn't post it!! :) Hard to believe one little wire can cause so much damage...yikes. I'm glad to hear the doctor thinks it will heal well tho!! Your skiing looks like fun...and your picture from Banff is GORGEOUS!! :)

  2. Great post! Yes, I very much appriciate you not posting the picture. :) LOL. That sounds so nasty! Poor Ben! Your skiing trip sounded like so much fun!

  3. Hannah, you can probably handle the picture of the stitches that I put on... The doctor did an INCREDIBLE job. He put 10 stitches in on the actual bicep muscle under the skin, and 11 to close up the top... it took him about 70 minutes from the needle to the last stitch.

    Yes, I REALLY enjoyed the skiing trip. It was a blast!!!