Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Isn't God creative? Snow, blizzards, rain, nice sunny days, and that is all in the same day. (God still does control all this stuff, doesn't He) March has come and gone (well, almost anyways)With March came Ben's 20th birthday, umm, I must be getting old or something. He has been such a blessing to us, and others. His application for Border Patrol is progressing, but his interview on April 1st was cancelled, due to roads being closed. They are checking out all his paperwork, then will get into the background check. His arm is healing nicely, and he is glad there will be a scar. Hockey is over for the year (hurrah, no more injuries). Reuben got a tooth knocked out the last time he played, and is getting a root canal done to get it fixed. Couldn't find a picture of him to post, but I know there was one on the Krahn's blog.

Everyone has been sick around here, including us. Jeshua is still in Fargo, but will come home sometime this week . Influenza type A was all they found so far. Isn't it great that there will be none of this in heaven...can't wait. What a hope we have. There have been alot of people dying around here as well. Jack Marvin passed away.A couple of snowmobilers fell through the ice as well as a dump truck, all resulting in deaths. Then a co worker had her mobile home burned down with her 10 year old son still trapped inside. Then a car ran into a semi around swift. I sure hope that they were all ready to meet their creator. Life is short. Eternity is long. Live for Christ each day.

Well I leave you with a few of my favourite girls.

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  1. Pre-spring weather sure can be crazy...just when you get used to one thing, it changes completely! :) I remembered Ben's birthday this year, and meant to send him and ecard, but then I ended up being gone all day so it never happened...sorry Ben. :( And Happy Belated Birthday!!! :)
    Reading your list of deaths in the area is so sad...I'm sure some of those people weren't prepared to go into eternity. We had a very sweet, dear, godly lady from our church pass away yesterday much as we'll miss her, we're rejoicing in the fact that she's with her Savior now, and no longer suffering from pain and illness!
    Have you seen my latest blog post yet? If not, you've probably already heard our news...but just in case you haven't, we're having a girl!!! :) I'm so excited...I hope the next 19 weeks FLY by!!!