Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Down in Fargo, but not down in spirits

I'm writing to you today from Fargo ND at the Ronald Mcdonald house where we are staying. Just a plug for Ronald Mcdonald homes..if you ever get the chance to donate to them, please do. This place has just been a lifesavour for us
So, we had a pleasant trip down here yesterday (thank you Krahn's for letting us use your car). Only one bridge was open in grand forks, and then part of the I29 was closed as we got closer to Fargo, but we got here safely. Victoria travelled really well for which we are so grateful.
We met with the doctor this morning and he checked her over. Found a little bit of a heart murmur, for which they might want to do an EKG tomorrow, but we will see. Other than that, he referred us for putting in a shunt. Tomorrow we meet with the neurosurgeon and their staff. There is a slim chance that they might refer us to another hospital to get it done, but we will see tomorrow. It still seems a little surreal that we are here at a place like this..this usually only happens to everyone else right?
If you could remember to pray for our other children, as they are on their own for a few days. I am sure they will do just fine, but I'm sure they would love a visit if any of you are in the area..hint hint.
We have been really blessed and humbled by the kindness and financial help that people have given to us. (you know who you are) I am reading right now in "Don;'t waste your Life by john Piper about giving to meet the needs of others. You can only do that if your worldview is such that you want to invest in the kingdom and be rich towards God (as opposed to just hoarding and keeping if for yourself). So, I'm learning about that as well.
Well, I will sign off for now. Will write again tomorrow. Lord willing. Bruce   
Give your life away...for Jesus's sake.

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