Friday, March 19, 2010

Brian's visit, and living lessons of faith and trust.

Victoria Faith wearing the hat mama made for her. Her arms are open, just like we should be with our Lord.
 She is doing well, gaining weight, and resting well. (Just not long enough in the night yet :))


Perfect little parts. She loves to hold your hand, and seems like she hears well. How often do I not like to hold my Saviour's hand and walk with Him in submission, but one thing I know, our Shepard never lets go.
May our ears be tuned to listening to the voice of our loving Shepard. This morning He said to me, Bruce, trust in Me with all your heart, and stop leaning on your own understanding, acknowledge Me in all your ways and let Me lead. I certainly needed to hear that this morning, as the day before I was really discouraged with running into dead ends, trying to set up a surgery for Victoria. Then today, God led us to a nurse in Warroad who, in two hours was able to accomplish what we could not in two weeks. She got an appointment set up for us next week in Fargo (the same hospital where she was born), to see a doctor, then on Thursday with a neurosurgeon, with , if all goes well, the possibility of surgery Thursday afternoon. There certainly will be risks involved, but God knows all about that too. So Tuesday night we will head down to Fargo. Please be in prayer for us in this next week.

Here we are having rootbeer floats for Victoria's one month celebration. Some statistics say she beat a 50% odd for living that long. Hurray!!!

 On to some other news. Brian, Bruce's "older" brother had some meetings around Winnipeg, so came down for a visit this week. We have had a wonderful 5 days with him. The girls just loved having him read to them, I hope he didn't get too tired of them. No pictures for security purposes, but we did take him out to shoot some guns. Don't worry Kim, we didn't hide any in his suitcase.


We also took him mini putting, along with Abby and her younger sister. I think Ben won. We all had a great time.

We went to the Marvin Visitor center, which kinda gives some history to the company Bruce works with.

Here is my date, doesn't Linda look so young? Well, okay, I guess this is my wonderful daughter Elizabeth.
Well, that's all for now. Resting and trusting. Bruce

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