Thursday, March 25, 2010

Victoria's Surgery

Hi all. Its late and I need to get to bed, but thought I would write a little about our day. We were up at just after 6 as our appt. with the neurosurgeon was at 8. We met with his assistant first, then doc. He let us know of all the dangers ect, for which we were glad for the info, and after some discussion decided that we still wanted to go ahead with the shunt. He agreed (praise the Lord...this has been a long two weeks to finally get that answer), and schedualed us for the following day. Because of her heart murmur, they decided to admit us to the hospital today , which was just fine. We had a ct scan, and ekg, blood work, and got to see 3 different doctors. Victoria decided that she did not like a pric on the foot, nor that cold gel on her chest for the I wonder what she will think of doctors tomorrow?? Nevertheless, she is finally settled down for the night (now if only those nurses will leave her be ...just kidding :))Linda is spending the night with her, and I will head over there in the morning. Her surgery is for around 9 am tomorrow (26th) and will last for a few hours. Lord willing, she will pull through just fine, but we trust Jesus enough to know that if He wants to take her home and look after her, that is fine with us ..I write that last sentence with much sorrow, but not sorrow that has no hope. If   our Lord conqueored death, there is no longer any need to fear it. His mercy and grace for tomorrow will be fresh, full, and sufficient, this I am confident of.
Well, believe it or not, I am craving that Shuans ice cream that is in the freezer downstairs, so will sign off till tomorrow. Resting in the secret place of the most High. Bruce

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