Friday, March 26, 2010

Victoria's Tale

Well, I will tell, you, I had quite the day today. I had a great nights rest, then Mommy fed me at 7am (so I am told, I'm not too good with numbers yet), and that was great, but for some reason she didn't want to give me any more that morning. I cried and fussed and fell asleep and did all my usual tricks to get more milk, but mommy must of been having a bad day or something. Anyways, around 1:15pm, a lady in a funny green suit and hat came and got me, and then someone pricked me with something. After that, the room started spinning, and I can't remember much after that. They tell me that some old guy (hey, everyone looks old to me)made a cut in my head and stuck a valve and a tube in there (maybe playing hide and seek..boy, they're not going to find it in there), and ran the tube all the way down into my tummy. I can do the neatest trick of making this water stuff go down that tube. I already feel a little better, as my head was starting to feel a little pressure. Oh one thing I forgot to tell you, they sure like tubes around here, as they put one in my nose and down my throat ...yuck. When I woke us, I definitely wanted to get that thing out of there as it really was starting to bug me. Well, they took me us to a new room now called ICU (I think it stands for intelligent children undercover) and I have alot of new people running all around me. I finally got to see mom and dad, boy did I miss them...they sure do love me, I can just tell.. But I could tell that mommy had been crying some...maybe she got a tube stuck in her throat too. Finally, they took most of the stuff off of me and I am breathing on my own, does that feel good.
So, surgery went really well. The surgeon was pleased with how things went. Victoria has a little oxygen in the nose still, of of course pain medication, but is  doing really well. The usual hospital stay after this is a couple of days, so maybe if all goes well we will go back home on Sunday. Already we can see a difference in her head. Hopefully they will get it regulated well and we can stay away from infections. Needless to say, it was a great day. The emotions have run the gamet, but we are doing well. Thank you all so much for praying for us. God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in time of need. Blessing. Bruce


  1. Praise God!! We've been praying for and thinking about you all (especially Victoria!!) all day. So glad to hear things went well!! :)

  2. Thanks for the great blog to keep us updated! We will continue praying... God has great things ahead for you all. We love you all...give Victoria a kiss for us! Spud and Miriam and Family

  3. Wow!! Is that a little comic relief or what!? Thanks for the creative update. . . love the "ICU." You've been in our thoughts and prayers a lot today! It's so good to see how God has been sustaining you all. We praise Him for Victoria's life and anticipate great things for your precious little treasure.