Thursday, February 24, 2011

A father's Ramblings

I (Bruce) made the 6 hr trip here yesterday to see my two wonderful girls. I was able to hold both of them today, and it felt so ...well nice. Though Victoria's bacteria is so close to clearing up, she still is struggling with settling down and breathing right. I was thinking as I sat here in front of the screen...if only somehow I could take her place, take her struggles upon myself somehow so she could have rest...sweet delicous rest. Breaks a fathers heart to see one's flesh and blood suffer so.Was it not the Father's love that sent His Son into this world to take upon Himself our sins and sufferings, so that we might have rest in Him? I can only imagine how it must have broken His heart to see His Son suffer ...truly ours though real as it is pales in comparison. I was crying some the other day at home looking at pics of her when Reuben comes up behind me, puts his hands on me and comforts me...I am so blest . Sorry, this is getting , what shall I say, mushy, sappy..real? Just a father's ramblings.   On a more positive note...I am stealing Linda away tonight to stay at her aunt and uncle's place...she really does need the time away from here as it has been 2 weeks already.

That was written yesterday, by Bruce.  He has gone back home now...but what a treat it was to have him here!  It was also nice to have a full night's rest in a normal bed and a delicious and quiet little breakfast with Uncle Dave and Aunt Pauline.  Victoria has been restful most of today...heart rate and respirations have also told the tale of her rest. She actually slept a good part of the day.  This evening she is more restless again...but not as bad as Monday-Wednesday.  Each day they take a sample of Victoria's CSF and test it to see if it has bacteria in it. Tuesdays was clear...Hooray!  Wednesdays showed something...but today the slide came back clear again...we are hoping that will continue.   They have upped Victoria's milk she is getting through her nj tube to about 32 ounces she is getting a good amount of calories...but if I kiss her and rub her little forhead she looks up at me and makes these 'I'm hungry' motions with her mouth. 

When a patient is in PICU, they figure that running around is the last thing the patient needs, so if for some reason, they need an Xray...the X ray comes to the patient.  Here is a portable x ray machine...they were taking an x ray to make sure Victoria's breathing tube was in the right spot.  These photos are from a few days she has not had the tube since Monday.  There is a screen that pulls up, where the xray can be seen right after they are done. 

This photo was of Victoria just before she got sick.  
Well...thanks so much for praying...there is no question that our God's peace and strength are here.  He is so good...even on the hard days. 


  1. We are praying for you! May the Lord continue to show His grace. Have enjoyed being able to read your blog and the updates on Victoria. It helps so much to know how to pray more effectively for your needs.

    We love you!
    The Garlicks

  2. We love you! You are right~ God is good all the time, even on the hard days. I am also very thankful for the technology that we have made available to us. We are thankful for the faithful bloggers that keep us updated. Praying for you and looking for ward to your safe return home soon,
    The Dunton's

  3. Thinking and praying for all of you during this difficult time!
    Keep us posted.
    Nice Blog!!