Monday, February 21, 2011

Hi All:
Linda wanted me to send a quick update on our little treasure. She has been breathing on her own since 10:30 today. Its been a struggle some of the time  and she sounds a little horse (something about a tube shoved down your mouth for 6 days ), but she is fighting.  I think they may sedate her a little, just so she can relax a little tonight.  Thanks to all who have called, sent us food, prayed for us, sent us financial assistance and just loved us....we are privileged to know you all . I am planning on heading down to see Linda tomorrow for a few days.  Someone commented that I guess your life is in limbo while you are at the hospital.  Not really...this is part of our life now. We embrace the road that God has us travel on, because that is where we find his presence and strength. His strength made perfect in our weakness. Blessings on each of you. Live for Him...He's coming soon. Bruce

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  1. Ooo . . . the whole issue of a tube-down-the-throat making a wee throat sore and horse sounds about right. :(
    Let us know if there is anything we can do for your family while you are away. We so appreciated you all checking in on us while our parents were away, we'd love to return the blessing. :)
    In Christ,
    the Caravetta girls