Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Victoria made it through the night with out the breathing tube.  She is still agitated, and breathing fairly quickly.  She does get some more restful moments, though, for which I am so thankful.


  1. Hello Mitton's! Just letting you know that we are still thinking and praying for you all! May His peace and comfort be ever present with you all!
    Love, The McCanne Clan

  2. Hello Mitton family!
    Thanks for the great picture posts! We are keeping you in our prayers-especially little Victoria.
    Love, the Zupke family

  3. You are so great at keeping us posted- and you certainly have gained much medical knowledge- I always said that parents know best about their child and that includes the ill child . I am sure you know so much better what questions to ask the medical staff as you have traveled this journey. Keep on keeping on! Hugs Jean