Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday morning Update

I am thankful to report that Victoria's numbers have continued to go in the right direction.  Both the white blood count and the CRP continue to decrease.  Platelets have increased...which is good.  Her stomach seems better today...not so much gas.  Yesterday they had her breathe on her own for 2 hours.  They just adjusted her sub clavian main line (which is an IV which goes under her collar bone), and are intending to shut off her sedation now, in order to extubate (remove the ventilator) her this morning.  So if you want to pray for Victoria this morning, pray that she will not have problems with breathing completely on her own when they remove the ventilator.  Thanks so much. 


  1. God is in full of control of Victoria's health and the ease of her doing "simple" tasks. It's so comforting resting in His gentle, all-knowing hands, isn't it? You have been given a wonderful opportunity for a testimony of God's sovereignty, and I'm so glad you have used it and told about God's grace! May you continue, and may God grant you peace and contentment. You all are in my prayers. ~Sarah Tate

  2. We miss you both! Praying as always that God will give you strength and comfort for each day. Caravetta's