Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Surgery complete

Victoria was brought down for surgery
Sometime a little before 4:00pm.
Her actual surgery began at 4:30
And was complete at 4:49pm...the rest of
The time was prepping, which included
About 20 minutes washing. She came through
Surgery well and is now resting.

I thought that I would have had a photo for you, but
I was not sure how to get them to the blog on Louise's
Ipod (any tips Daniel??)...I thought you would all
want to know what is up tonight...the photo can
wait for now.  Hopefully
we'll have a photo or two before too long.

I was so thankful to have Doug, Louise, Daniel, Jonathan and Joshua here
during Victoria's surgery...the timing was so perfect!  The hour and
half went by really fast with them for company.