Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Update

Last night Victoria drank an ounce from a bottle...the first since she was admitted.  Today she has taken a little more.  Once she spit most of it up, but the last time when Bruce fed her, she did well, and kept it all down.  Victoria's sodium was low, so they have been trying to slowly get it back where it needs to be.  She has not been having fever and her breathing has been getting more normal, as well.
I was able to hold her for awhile this afternoon.  The nurse unhooked the IV and all of her monitors except the oximeter and we had a good was so nice to actually have her in my arms, instead of kissing her over the side of her crib!  So she seems to be improving...there is still a need for more improvement, but we are thankful to see progress!

 Thank-you so much for your prayers...we are very aware of the need for strength and wisdom far beyond our own!  Thanks too for the comments...they make you seem closer, somehow!


  1. SOOOOOOOO glad to hear about her progress!!!! We have an AMAZING, MIGHTY God!!!!

  2. We know the feeling of getting a good cuddle instreat of kisses over a crib with all the iv's, tubes and monitors. I'm so, so glad you got to hold her again! We will keep praying.

  3. We will continue to pray! One whole year already! What a miracle of the Lord and His sustaining grace!! Happy Belated Birthday Victoria!
    The McCanne Clan

  4. We love you guys! We will pray for momma and daddy's strength as well as little Vistoria's!! Dont forget to take care of You as well as her !! Hugs to all of you...